This is Halle Berry With Ileyda J.W.
Sire: Mallicot Chimney Sweep
Dam: Blueberry Crush With Ileyda
D.O.B. 4th July 2002.
Halle is Bred by Ms Janice Bennett and is the great grand daughter of our Pelido Ermine Beauty of Ileyda.
Halle is one of a few puppies born in England by Mallicot Chimney Sweep before he was exported. She was the only puppy in her litter and was well looked after by her mother. She is a very nice bitch and she knows it too, her character is self confidant and cockey, which is a benifit for any show dog and has helped her gain her Junior Warrant.

  This is Halle aged 2 years old and starting to look like a real lady. She has a sweet expression, good top line and you can tell that this lady can move as well as she looks.

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